A Rose (Veterans’ Honor) and a Tip for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life




Rose:   Veterans’ Honor

Class:   Hybrid Tea, 1999

Fragrant: Yes


Parentage – Seedling x Royalty (Hybrid Tea, Jelly, 1976)


Veteran’s Honor rose is a beautiful red hybrid tea rose that is a fitting tribute to our men and women in uniform who are serving our nation.


It was bred and introduced in 1997 by Dr. Keith W. Zary as City of Newcastle.  Registration name is JACopper.  It was introduced by Jackson & Perkins Co. in 2000 as “Lady in Red.”  It is also known as Five Roses.


The dark red buds of “Veteran’s Honor” rose open into gorgeous high centered blooms that are bright red to start with, with turning to tones of pink as they age.  It grows to 4’ to 6’ tall.


If you like red rose, this is the rose to plant.  The blooms are stunning. They average 5″ to 5.5” with a 25-30 petal count and blooms repeatedly throughout the season.  Petals are thick and velvety.  Stem length is 18″-22″ and the foliage is dark-green, semi-glossy.  This is a great red rose but it needs some winter protection in zone 7 and below.  It is a great bloomer and nice cut rose.  It can be trained as a standard and can be grown in containers but it need winter protection.


The rose flowers have a fruity raspberry rose fragrance and they are known to last for two weeks in a flower vase.  The only flaw is it is susceptible to blackspot but what hybrid tea is not.  It is high maintenance but the beauty and the fragrance of the blooms make up for the trouble.


Tip #1 – Stop and Smell the Roses


Until Next time. Stop and Smell the Roses

Rosalinda R Morgan

Author & Garden Writer


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