A Rose (Signature) and a Tip for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Living


Photo Credit – Bob Sabin


Class:   Hybrid Tea

Cultivar Name:   JACnor

Parentage:   ‘Honor’ x ‘First Federal’s Renaissance

Year of Introduction:   1996

Hybridizer:   William Warriner


‘Signature’ is most definitely a rose lover’s Rose. It was Jackson and Perkins Rose of the Year in 1996. Its consistent winning performance on the exhibition floor makes it a great choice for gardeners looking to show their roses and win. It is one of the top ten exhibition roses in the country since its introduction in 1996.

‘Signature’ is remarkable for the sheer size and intense coloration of its blooms with a hot pink base tone and cream-streaked centers on satiny petals that create a fantastic glowing effect as if the bloom was lit from within. Add to this the rose’s vigorous, tall, upright habit and great disease resistance, and it is easy to see why this rose earns the name ‘Signature’.

Bred as an exhibition rose, this prize-winner is a real standout in the vase! Borne mostly singly, these perfectly formed blooms arrive in waves all summer long. They open from long, pointed buds to form a huge, high-centered perfectly formed blooms, 5 to 6 inches in diameter, 30 to 40 petals count on a long stem about 18 inches long. Upright and vigorous, the plant will swiftly reach 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. ‘Signature’ offers clean, thick leathery, dark green foliage with superb disease resistance to mildew. If you’re looking for a carefree hybrid tea with some of the most jaw-dropping blooms ever seen and fruity fragrance, then introduce your garden to ‘Signature’.

Because it grows all the way down to the ground, it eliminates the need for foreground plantings. Plant ‘Signature’ in a well-drained sunny spot. It tolerates most soil type as long as they stay evenly moist but not wet. Because ‘Signature’ is not very cold hardy, it is better suited growing in the ground than in containers. If grown in containers, it requires winter protection. Protection from spring frosts is also recommended. Plant it in the garden in a group of three with some blue perennial like salvia or dephinium and the effect is quite dazzling.

Tip #38 – Everyday look for ways to improve the way you do your job.


Until Next time. Stop and Smell the Roses.



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