A Rose (Easy Does It) and a Tip for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Living

Easey Does It John Murray RGW
Easy Does It – Photo by John Murray of Rose Gardening World

Class:  Floribunda

Year of Introduction: 2010

Parentage:  (‘Queen Charlotte‘ x ‘Della Balfour‘) x ‘Baby Love


Easy Does It‘ is the ARS Members’ Choice Award for 2013 and has a rating of 7.9 in the 2018 ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses.


Easy Does It‘ is classified as a floribunda, and was bred by Harkness Roses in the United Kingdom before 2006. It was introduced in the United States by Weeks Roses in 2010. The blooms of ‘Easy Does It‘ are medium-large, double with a petal count of 25 to 30 with moderate fruity fragrance, borne in clusters of cupped, ruffled and scalloped blooms that are unique in color of mango orange, peach pink & ripe apricot.


In addition to the ARS 2013 Member’s Choice Award, ‘Easy Does It‘ has won many past awards in various rose trials throughout the world. In 2010, it was one and only rose to be awarded the AARS (All American Rose Selection) winner.


Tip #35 – Show respect for police officers and firefighters. They are out there to protect us everyday. 


Until Next time. Stop and Smell the Roses.



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