A Rose (Falling in Love) and a Tip for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Living

Falling in Love

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Kyaw of Rose Gardening World


Rose:   Falling in Love

Class:   Hybrid Tea

Date of Introduction:   2006

Parentage:   ‘Moonstone’ x ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Hybridizer:   Tom Carruth, 2006

Registration Name: Wekmoomar


Falling in Love is a pink blend Hybrid Tea and introduced in the United States by Weeks Roses in 2007. It won the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal from the American Rose Society in 2012. It has a strong, fruity fragrance.


This warm pink rose with porcelain white reverse hybrid tea is a bushy, upright and very vigorous with large, semi-glossy, dark green foliage and armed with sharp, large thorns/prickles. Most likely, it will be the thorniest rose in your garden. Use caution when pruning. Bloom size is large, about 4.75” in diameter, full and borne mostly single to a stem. The blooms last a long time and so are good for cutting and bringing in the house. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Tip #18 – Be careful when choosing your life’s partner. Ninety percent of your happiness or misery will come from this one fateful decision.

Until Next time. Stop and Smell the Roses

Rosalinda R Morgan

Author & Garden Writer




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