My name is Rosalinda and I love roses.

I’m also a very positive person.

I lead a very full life.

I’m busy with my writings – books in progress, websites, newsletters and blogs.

I’m the editor of 4 newsletters – The Charleston Rose, Carolina Rosarian, Writer’s Musings and Reflections and Whitney Lake Gazette.

I take care of  my home and garden (70 plus roses and other plants).

I’m a caregiver to my husband with end stage kidney disease.

I do volunteer work for my community – HOA board member and President of Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society.

How do I fit all these activities in my day? I have no idea but I just keep on going. I often wonder myself where I get all my energy but I wake up early and stay up late. Maybe that’s it.

Here, I’m sharing my love of roses with you, along with some tips for a happy, healthy and successful living. Most of the roses pictured here were taken from my previous and current gardens.

Enjoy. Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda R Morgan